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How to get mining started currently?

ABCMintCore has been officially launched on June 18th of 2018, it's a quantum computer resistant cryptocurrency, to get ABCMint mining started, you need to install Ubuntu16.04+Nvidia+CUDA9.2

The following install instruction is from Mr. Liam Stojanovic.

In order to mine ABCMint using your GPU on Linux, you'll have to do the following:

1) Download the Ubuntu 16.04 ISO ( (64-bit PC desktop image).

2) Install the ISO onto a flash drive to act as a bootable device. For Windows, I personally use Rufus (

3) You can either wipe Windows completely off your computer, or shrink the Windows partition to dual boot both operating systems. If you are just going to delete everything, skip to step 5.

4) Right click on the windows button on the bottom left and click "Disk Management". From here, shrink the primary partition by at least 25GB or so. This will be the amount of space allocated to Ubuntu. Check out this guide (, it provides a decent visual of how to accomplish this.

5) Boot into Ubuntu using your USB stick. When your computer is starting up and sitting at the Dell logo, press F12 repeatedly to get into the boot option menu. Then select your USB device.

6) Install Ubuntu. You can do this from the "Try Ubuntu without installing" menu selection, and then clicking "Install Ubuntu 16.04" on the desktop. Either wipe the entire disk and install ubuntu, or install it into the empty partition you created in step 4.

7) Boot into Ubuntu, and search for the application "Software & Updates'. Click the tab "Additional drivers". You should then be able to click a button to change the display driver to Nvidia. Select it, click "Apply changes", wait for it to finish installing, then restart your computer.

8) Download CUDA 9.2 from this link ( Select the relevant OS, Architecture, Distribution and version download. Select the installer type as "deb (local)". Once the file has downloaded, install it by double clicking the file and following the prompt. Once the install is finished, run the command sudo apt-key add /var/cuda-repo-9-2-local/ from the terminal.(if this doesn't work, try /var/cuda-repo-9-2/ Run command sudo apt-get update Run command sudo apt-get install cuda Restart your machine 9) Open ABCMint, wait for it to sync, then open the debug window. Type the command "setgenerate true". You should now be mining ABC using your GTX1060. To check this, you can run the command nvidia-smi to check if abcmint-qt is utilizing the GPU. If you'd like it to refresh periodically, you can use the command nvidia-smi -l 10

Hopefully this covers what you need to know. If you get stuck anywhere, or need additional clarification at a certain step, feel free to reach out!